Kent Institute of Medicine and Surgery (KIMS): a sign of major investment to come

Construction on KIMS is proceeding on schedule. The 400 or so construction jobs it has produced has provided a much needed boost to Maidstone’s local economy.

This facility, a private hospital taking NHS patients, will be an internationally renowned centre of excellence specialising in heart surgery and other specialist treatments. Once open it is due to create more than 600 high-skilled and semi-skilled, well-paying jobs in the medical sector. The effect of this is a significant increase in spending power across the borough.

More excitingly still, there is already significant interest from associated companies, especially in the research and development sector, who want to locate in the proximity of this prestiguous new hospital. Land around the hospital has been identified as a “medical hub” in the Core Strategy to facilitate this. KIMS “phase 2” could generate another 2000 jobs, with at least 60% of them paying more than £40,000.

KIMS is establishing links with 24 American and 16 European universities and skill exchange programmes will take place with students from those universities undertaking training in Maidstone. The facilities will be accommodated in buildings of the highest standards of design.

Every now and then there is a development that shapes the socio-economic make-up of the borough. I think this hospital will definitely be an example of this when complete.

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